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We belong to Jaen. This region is the main olive oil producer in the world.

Natural and healthy

Olive Oil is a product with many properties that can prevent from different diseases and thus, it’s important to include it in your diet to take advantage of all it benefits.

Mediterranean diet

Is there any reason why you cannot have it? Even in the Mediterranean Diets it is recommended to have it in small doses. Let’s not forget that it is the basis of the Mediterranean Diet.

In the world

Coosur has a long history with more than 50 years of experience. Its origins are located in the Andalusian province of Jaen, the biggest olive oil producer region in the world. Coosur’s activity is centered on the production, refining, bottling, distribution and exportation of extra virgin olive oil and olive oils as well as olives, vinegars, sauces, mayonnaises and condiments.

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