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Use of single variety oils

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Each olive oil is different and reflects the characteristics of the fruit from which it has been obtained. In this way, the taste of the different varieties of olive oil must be taken into account when using them for cooking. We are going to explain with which recipes to use the most popular varieties in Spain.

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil: This is the sweetest oil. The sweet taste is considered as the absence of bitterness. It is appropriate for baking, rice, creams, gazpachos or salmorejos.

Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil: A sweet and fruity oil, very versatile in the kitchen. Use it in meat or fish dishes.

Picual extra virgin olive oil: This is the most widespread variety in Spain. The picual has a strong personality and is perfect on toast or in salad dishes.

Cornicabra extra virgin olive oil: An aromatic oil, which makes your dressings, salads and frying stand out.

Coupages are also very common to find. That is to say, a blend of different varieties of olive oils, that depending on the proportion used, it may be more suitable for one recipe or another. Remember, to show off in the kitchen, use an oil in each dish.