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Coosur is a collaborating partner of the The Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations (FACE), an association that seeks to guarantee food safety for gluten intolerant people or who are coeliac.

In Coosur we are aware that being gluten intolerant limits the choice of products a person suffering from coeliac disease can ingest, which is why all our sauces do not contain this cereal, so they can continue to enjoy food without restrictions.

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Coosur is a member of Adilac, a non-profit association of lactose intolerants that seeks to provide a service, care for and improve the quality of life of all those suffering from lactose intolerance, an intolerance that affects more and more people every day in Spain.
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The Mediterranean diet

Declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, the Mediterranean Diet is much more than just a way of eating, it is a lifestyle that combines fresh and seasonal ingredients, techniques and recipes with a physically active life favoured by the mild Mediterranean climate. If there were a star food in the Mediterranean Diet, then that would be olive oil, which is an integral part of the long history of the different people who have inhabited the Mediterranean, and not only as food but also as a symbol, thanks to its distinct flavour and aroma and to the many benefits it provides the body.


The desire to better oneself together with effort also represent what Coosur wants to convey. For this reason, we take part in sponsoring sport activities, especially amateur teams.



This is the second season in which Coosur sponsors Campus Coosur Rugby, a team that was promoted to División de Honor B last season. This is an amateur team whose squad is mainly made up of Galician players, although this season has been reinforced with prestigious players from New Zealand, a country with a strong rugby tradition. The first team, the women's team and the lower categories represent values ​​of sportsmanship and nobleness with which we identify.


Padel Tennis

This season Coosur is supporting Victoria Iglesias, two paddle players who are fifth in the Spanish ranking and both play in our national team and in international competitions. Catalina has been four times world champion and Victoria is a young player whose strength and success are causing sensation on the court. Paddle tennis is an increasingly popular sport and accessible to everyone.



Coosur also supports the amateur football teams of Bellavista (Seville), La Roda (Seville), and Vilches (Jaén). Coosur also has its production facilities in these three localities. Adult and children’s teams are sponsored by Coosur. The sport clubs teach children in after school activities that benefits their own communities.