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Coosur is the brand of the oil experts, of the tradition and origin of the South of Spain. It collects the essence of our olive-growing culture, of the world-renowned Mediterranean diet, of the know-how passed down from generation to generation, of the work of man in harmony with nature and of the respect for what is ours, our land, our fruit, our olive oil. 

Coosur has a long history of more than 50 years. Its origins are found in the Andalusian province of Jaén, the largest olive oil producing region in the world. The activity of Coosur revolves around the production, refining, packaging, marketing and export of olive oil, as well as vinegars, sauces and condiments. 

Despite being a brand closely bound to the Spanish territory as well as the Andalusian olive tradition, cooperatives and countryside, Coosur did not hesitate to leave Spain. It is currently present in more than 25 countries, showing a high capacity to adapt to different markets. This has led to a leading presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East or Asia, regions that value our essence and know-how. 

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  The 60’s

Coosur, a brand closely bound to Jaén, the origin of olive oil, is born. Since the beginning, Coosur has always been focused on extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.


The Cooperativa Olivarera del Sur corporation is formalized, and Coosur becomes a state brand.


Aceites del Sur wins the public auction to which the company holding the Coosur brand submitted.


Coosur launches its first range of single varietal extra virgin olive oils on the market, made with olive oil obtained from a single variety of olives. Coosur is the Spanish leader in the market with this range, which currently includes: Arbequina, Cornicabra, Picual and Hojiblanco.


The globalization of the Coosur brand is consolidated. Although deeply rooted in the domestic market, it is also getting increasingly popular throughout the world.


Coosur launches its range of sauces, one of the most complete on the market, both in terms of products and formats. Coosur also offers Sauces for Catering and even a range of healthy sauces: Coosur Bienestar.

botella de aceite 2017

During this year, Coosur becomes the main packer of olive oil in the domestic market. One out of five bottles of olive oil sold in Spain is from Coosur. In addition, its leadership in the sector of extra virgin olive oil is confirmed.

certificado 2018

Coosur launches its national media campaign 'The origin is an extra', emphasizing the close relationship of the brand with the origin of olive oil and highlighting the quality of its extra virgin olive oils.

certificado 2019 2019

The extra virgin olive oil of Coosur is recognized by consumers as Taste of the Year 2019. An award given after a blind tasting made by consumers accustomed to take extra virgin olive oil.

segundo certificado 2019 2019

Coosur 3Xtra is born, the traceability system that allows the user to know the data of their extra virgin olive oil by entering the last digits of the bottle batch. In addition, Coosur lowers the preferred consumption date of its products to 9 months. Taste always safe.

certificado 2020 2020

Coosur launches its campaign of thanks face the difficult situation that the world is going through caused by Covid-19, highlighting that Origin is an extra and that it is time to stay together. #JuntosSaldremosAdelante

certificado 2021 2021

Coosur pone 'Un extra de sur en tu vida' en su nueva campaña en medios. En las cocinas, el sol sale por el sur y todo gira alrededor del sur. Ese sur que da luz, energía e intensidad a tu cocina desde que empieza hasta que acaba el día. Coosur, aceite de oliva virgen extra de máxima calidad.