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Difference between olive oils

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Depending on their quality, there are different types of olive oils. On the one hand there is extra virgin olive oil. This is the most valued quality, unblemished in taste and with a degree of acidity lower than 0,8º. It is olive juice and genuine. A meticulous process of elaboration must be carried out to obtain it.

The virgin olive oil is also a natural product, although some defects are possible to be found and its acidity is less than 1º.

The smooth and intense olive oils come from “lampante” oils that are not suitable for human consumption, with an acidity greater than 3º. These oils go through a refining process after which the result is a liquid without odour nor flavour that is then blended with extra virgin olive oil. Depending on the proportions of this blend the end product will be intense (more extra virgin oil) or smooth (less extra virgin oil).